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Worship is at the heart of all we do at Emmanuel Church.

Each week we offer praise to God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Called to worship together as a community by our Baptismal covenant, we join one another for services of praise, adoration, thanksgiving and petition to God.  This joyful act is enhanced by beautiful music, the lovely liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer, readings of Holy Scripture and the sharing of Communion. It is central to our Christian lives and our relationship with God.  

   Our worship space is simple and elegant. Tall arched
   windows open our hearts to the beauty and light of God's
   world. The pews are rustic, unadorned and well worn by
   generations of worshippers. A large wooden cross hangs
   behind the altar, silhouetted against a window of
   stained glass that reflects the colors of
   the countryside. When you enter, you know you are in
   a peaceful and joyful place. 

   Our Sunday worship service is supported by a variety of
   ministries and a strong music program that
   encourage people of all ages to actively participate in the

Please join us at God's table.

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