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Who We Are

"What I liked about Emmanuel Church is the shape and size of it. We worshiped close together - it was homelike, warm, and with no stiffness or cold formality." These words, written over 100 years ago by the Rev. Edwin S. Hinks, rector of Emmanuel Church from 1890-1894, still resonate today. Emmanuel is the same shape and size, we still enjoy worshiping shoulder to shoulder, the atmosphere is always homelike and warm, and there remains a respectful informality to our worship services that reflects our humble beginnings as a small local parish church. While some members have been born into this church, newcomers to the area and people from various religious backgrounds, have been drawn to our door and our ways and found a welcoming community ready to accompany them on their life's journey as fellow parishioners, friends, neighbors and disciples of Christ. There are no strangers at Emmanuel and new faces soon become old friends.


Emmanuel Church:
Anchored in faith; serving in love. 


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